Would you like to watch a virtual tour of Japan's forests?

Do you know what Shinrinyoku (forest bathing) is?


Would you like to experience the Japanese forest?


Now that it is difficult for you to travel to Japan...

Kyoto Kitayama

We will bring you the Japanese forests through virtual tours and e-commerce.


Our Virtual Tour Schedule

Coming soon!

January 2022 delivery start!

We will start invitations and reservations in December.


Early Jan. Yoshino, Nara

Late Jan. Kitayama, Kyoto

Early Feb. Koyasan, Wakayama

Late Feb. Tateyama, Toyama

Early Mar. Yakushima, Kagoshima


We will bring the scent of the forest to the home of the virtual tour viewer via EC!

These delivery dates and locations are tentative. We will be showing you more of Japan's forests!


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